Fabled Copper Participates In Legacy Sites Clean Up

September 21, 2022

Vancouver, British Columbia – Fabled Copper Corp. (“Fabled Copper” or the “Company”) (CSE: FABL; FSE: XZ7) announces that in August 2022 the legacy site clean-up was successfully accomplished undertime and under budget on its Muskwa Copper Project. See Figure 1 below.

Figure 1 – General Property Location

The Muskwa Project is comprised of the Neil Property, the Toro Property and the Bronson Property located in northern British Columbia. The Bronson Property was the location of the legacy exploration camps and related equipment circ 1971 left behind. See Figure 2 below.

Figure 2 – Location Map

Peter Hawley, President, CEO reports; We commend Tom Fulton, Chair, Director of the Northeastern British Columbia Wildlife Fund (NEBCWF) for spearheading the Gataga River Basin clean-up, which took place in August 2022. This project involved the clean-up and removal of 119 abandoned fuel drums (weighing 2,304kg) and 1,896kg of other assorted waste from an area of the Gataga River Basin commonly used by both northern mountain caribou and thin horn stone’s sheep.

The project was managed by the NEBCWF in partnership with the Wild Sheep Society of British Columbia, Fabled Copper Corp., North Country Projects Ltd., Shifting Mosaics Consulting, Northern Fire WoRx Corp., Stone and Folding Mountain Outfitters, Qwest Helicopters, the Northern Rockies Regional Municipality and we acknowledge the financial support of the Province of British Columbia.

We acknowledge that this project occurred on lands and in watersheds of importance to Kaska, Fort Nelson First Nation, and Treaty 8 Nations. We are honored to share responsibility for the stewardship of these places and all who inhabit them for our current and next seven generations and beyond.”


The NEBCWF was notified of the contaminated sites in 2017 by a FLNRORD employee engaged in a mountain goat survey in the Gataga River basin.

On July 26 2018, a NEBCWF crew travelled to the Gataga sites to inventory what was there, obtain flying distances, and assess airstrip condition in order to develop a cost-estimate for clean-up. This trip was paid for by the NEBCWF. The crew located 119 fuel drums across the three sites as well as a variety of other waste: from the remains of old buildings, to cans and bottles, to appliances. Much of the waste likely originated from the historical Gataga Camp which was abandoned in 1971 (See Photo 2).

NEBCWF volunteers also observed that the area was used extensively by thin horn stone’s sheep and northern mountain caribou, which had left many tracks within the basin, and was ideal habitat for grizzly bear and other large carnivores.

Over the next few years, NEBCWF contacted local guide outfitters, the Habitat Conservation Trust Foundation, the Peace-Williston Fish and Wildlife Compensation Program, Ministry of Environment, and the Muskwa-Kechika Advisory Board (M-KAB) to explore cost sharing possibilities for the Gataga clean- up. NEBCWF also connected with other organizations for funding and project support and reached out to Kaska Dena Council, Kwadacha Nation, and Daylu Dena Council to engage them for interest. The NEBCWF received support letters from all three Indigenous Communities as well as the NEBCWF executive, M-KAB, and the Wild Sheep Society of British Columbia. In addition, NEBCWF itself donated to this project and notified local outfitters (when able to get a hold of them) of project timing so as not to interfere with their activities.

In early July 2021 Fabled Copper’s crew began to work in the area and were notified about the legacy camps and fuel barrels in the Bronson area. Peter Hawley, President, CEO visited the site in early August 2021 and this is what he had to say, (CLICK HERE).

This led to a meeting with Jim Fulton, NEBCWF President and Peter Hawley while he was a site, see Photo 1. Jim was presented with a complete inventory of all materials left behind at the site by Windermere Exploration in 1971 that was documented. See Photo 2



In addition, Fabled Copper pledged its support to clean up the sites by supplying helicopter time for manpower and slinging loads.

The final clean-up began on August 6, 2022, with the involvement of several area businesses and non-profits supporting the NEBCWF.

Though managed by the NEBCWF, this initiative involved several local businesses and non-profits who aided with logistics, labor, equipment, funding, and transportation. The WSSBC obtained and provided $75 000 in funding which was matched and exceeded by the following participants: Fabled Copper Corp., North Country Projects Ltd. (NCPL), Shifting Mosaics Consulting (SMC), Northern Fire WoRx Corp. (NFWRx), Stone and Folding Mountain Outfitters, and Qwest Helicopters (Qwest). The Northern Rockies Regional Municipality (NRRM) also contributed to the clean-up through waiving dump fees for the associated waste. We acknowledge the financial support of the Province of British Columbia.


The legacy Gataga clean-up began on August 6, 2022. To reduce transportation costs, NEBCWF crew camped in the area for three nights while sorting waste from the identified clean-up sites into piles for transport and disposal. Wood waste was burned on site (following the regulations) and metal waste above a certain length was cut into smaller pieces for easier transport. Piles were not more than 2m x 3m at any time.(PRESS HERE for video)



PHOTO 3 –  NEBCWF crew cutting pipes for easier transport.                                                               PHOTO 4 – Sorted waste ready for transport  and disposal. Metal waste (R) is netted for helicopter slinging.

Photo: T. Fulton, August 2022.                                                                                                                   Photo: T. Fulton, August 2022.


An AStar helicopter forwarded waste piles (PRESS HERE for video) to a central clean-up site where they were packaged and netted in preparation to be long-lined directly to the Mile 113 staging off the Alaska Highway using a larger 205 helicopter.

Crews utilized “super nets”, which enabled the helicopter to transport up to 39 fuel drums at once, minimizing the number of trips required with the 205.

At the Mile 113 staging, NCPL, Qwest, SMC and NFWRx staff loaded waste onto trailers and trucked it to the Fort Nelson dump for disposal. See Photo’s 5 & 6 for before and after clean up. Photos 7,8,9 of material removed and final crew.



PHOTO 5 – prior to clean-up, showing abandoned fuel drums and other waste piles.                                      PHOTO 6 –  Project area post-clean-up with previous locations of waste and burn piles  visible. 

Photo: T. Fulton, August 2022.                                                                                                                                Photo: T. Fulton, August 2022.



PHOTO 7 - Fuel drums were loaded onto flat deck trailers at the Mile 113 staging                                             PHOTO 8 - Various waste was deposited by hand into the dumpster at the Mile 113 staging      

for transport to the Fort Nelson dump.  Photo: S. Neudorf, August 2022                                                             Photo: S. Neudorf, August 2022


PHOTO 9 - 2,360kgs of fuel drums were removed from the Gataga River Basin to the Fort Nelson dump. Final handling crew included: SMC, NFWRx, NCPL, and Qwest. Photo: S. Leverkus, August 2022.                        

The type of contamination and garbage dumping that lead to the waste in the Gataga River basin should no longer be taking place in the region. In addition to wider policy change over time, companies such as project-partner Fabled Copper Corp are working diligently to ensure effective stewardship of the lands they develop. Non-profits such as WSSBC are dedicated to conserving valuable wildlife habitat in Northeast BC and it has been very effective and efficient to work in collaboration with them. As such, after the clean-up of the identified sites, we hope to focus attention in the surrounding basins and watersheds to decrease the risk of this type of pollution occurring in the area again.

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